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Mixing IMBC

Mixing IMBC

When I first started cake decorating, all I ever used for frosting was American buttercream. I used Wilton’s recipe and added a bit more of my own modifications in order to come up with a stable mix that would withstand the intense heat in the Philippines. If you’re interested in getting my modified American buttercream recipe, I’ll talk about that in another post.

Anyhow, when the buttercream flowers bug bit me, I learned to do Swiss and Italian meringue buttercream (SMBC and IMBC, respectively) from Chef Jing Fernandez of Sorelle Flowercake and Class. I especially like her IMBC recipe as it is very firm and stable and yummy. I can’t give out her recipe, but it’s pretty much like every other IMBC recipe that you’ll find easily on Youtube.

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What I’ve been finding out, though, from different baking groups and forums that I am a member of, is that the problem with mixing IMBC is quite the same despite using different recipes. Most newbies panic right after they add butter to the meringue and see that the meringue has become deflated and has turned into one soupy mess! A friend of mine once told me how she threw out an entire batch when she tried making IMBC for the first time and how she cried because the she felt sorry that such expensive butter went to waste.

Let me tell you. There’s nothing to worry about! After mixing the meringue and cooling it for a few minutes in the fridge, switch from a whisk attachment to the paddle attachment of your mixer. Then start beating! Add the butter in slowly, and don’t worry if the meringue deflates and the butter does not seem to mix in with it. Give it a few minutes, and just let your mixer do its thing. And voila! You’ll have delicious IMBC.

To explain what I’m talking about, here’s a short timelapse video of my IMBC. Check out the texture changes.

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