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Something new: Kiddie summer decorating classes

Something new: Kiddie summer decorating classes

Ever since I had a cookie decorating activity for kids/toddlers in October 2014I’ve always wanted to teach kids how to decorate cookies and cupcakes. Since I have no children of my own, helping unlock a child’s creativity and potential is a happy experience for me. I also think that teaching would wake up their artistic and entrepreneurial sides, which is something that I wished someone did for me before when I was still a kid. But last summer, all I had were plans without any courage to execute them. I feared that no one might not be interested. I feared that I might not be successful. I feared that my cake works were still not enough to convince parents that I could actually teach their kids something. I feared that kids might get bored. I feared, and that was all that I had. My plans did not come into fruition, and so I buried them aside and prayed that I would be able to gather enough strength to finally pull through the next summer.

Summer 2016 rolled in, and I finally gather the guts to push through with my kiddie summer decorating class project. The first thing I did was to come up with a lesson plan. What would I teach? I had to come up with designs that would be interesting enough and within the capabilities of my target demographic. Then I made samples, which I incorporated in the poster that I used as an advertisement.

summer 2016 decorating class poster
Poster for my first ever cupcake and cookie decorating classes for kids: No baking involved! Kids had to knead and shape their own cookie dough, decorate cookies with royal icing, and work with coloring book cookies. For cupcake decorating, they frosted six cupcakes with American buttercream and made different toppers for six themes. Some of the cupcake toppers varied per class because some kids “requested” to make certain toppers, but a Minion topper was always present in every class.



My very first student, a sweet girl named Chippy, had a one-on-one session with me. It was actually to her advantage because at 7 years old, she is already a baker. She took in everything I taught her like a sponge. She quietly carried out the tasks and genuinely enjoyed them. She even brought her own cookie cutters! This girl was so good and so interested at what she was doing that I promised her that I would teach her how to decorate a cake next summer! She’s already excited!

Chippy during her cookie decorating class


I had a total of nine students in my first series of cookie and cupcake decorating classes. They are: Chippy, Raine, Raj, Janna, Carmela, and Kishi, Noelle, Mikaela, and Simon.

repollo kids
Raj and his big sister Raine getting some cookie work done.


carmela, janna, and kishi
Carmela, Kishi, and Janna with their cupcakes


lim kids
Simon, Noelle, and Mikaela asked me to teach them how to make a pug cupcake, so I happily obliged! They did a good job!


I had so much fun with these kids! I hope to see them again next summer, and I hope they’ll bring their friends along. I am looking forward to teaching cupcake and cookie decorating to more kids next year. Wish me luck!


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